Why Hire Merritt, Hagen & Sharf, LPP?

The two biggest reasons to utilize our services are the level of quality and the value we offer.

When talking about legal services, “quality” means experience. Experience can make a difference in determining whether a bankruptcy is successful. A properly planned bankruptcy can be almost painless. An improperly planned bankruptcy can be a person’s worst nightmare, resulting in significantly increased fees, a flood of litigation, and — ultimately — no debt discharge at all. We are asked to fix messes in other attorneys’ cases all the time. We occasionally do so, but it is very expensive and difficult. It is far better to complete your bankruptcy right the first time.

The hallmark of our firm is experience. Every attorney at the firm has been involved in several thousand bankruptcy filings. Our attorneys helped write the book that other lawyers use as a resource when practicing bankruptcy law. Our attorneys have earned a good reputation in the legal community. This gives us — and, by extension, our clients — credibility, which can help to ensure that your bankruptcy is successful. When getting a fresh start, you want the maximum chance of getting through your bankruptcy case with a minimum of hassle.

Even though we are among the very best at what we do, our fees are similar — and sometimes even less — than those of most bankruptcy firms. This equates to value for your dollar, which especially matters when you are going through difficult financial times. In addition, we provide a package of services that few other firms in the country provide. Some of these value-added items include:

  • Personal Attention — You meet and talk with an attorney, not a paralegal or assistant. You will fill out the bankruptcy paperwork personally with your attorney. This is very different than most other firms. In fact, our goal is to develop a personal relationship with you and stay in touch over the years.
  • Information Booklets and Tapes — We all know that information is power. We want you to know as much as possible about your bankruptcy proceeding. We provide booklets, information letters, and tapes throughout the bankruptcy process. We want you to be well informed. Explaining complicated legal issues in easy-to-understand terms is something in which we take great pride.
  • Financial and Credit Rehabilitation — At the end of your bankruptcy, we will provide you with a booklet and other information on how to restructure your finances and re-establish credit. We will show you how to get credit after the bankruptcy. We provide each client with the opportunity to attend up to three financial rehabilitation classes at our expense. We will even provide you with a consultation with a financial planner if you desire. Later down the line, we also have access to a mortgage broker who can help you get a loan to acquire your first home or refinance your current home. Few other firms in the country — if any —provide this type of “holistic” array of services.
  • “Alumni” Program — We are currently the only law firm in the country that has established a client “alumni” program. After the bankruptcy, even though no longer technically a client of the firm, an alumnus can feel free to call us for answers to quick questions or a referral to an attorney for other legal matters. It is our hope that this relationship will continue for life. Alumni also have priority access to special portions of our web site that contain forms, articles, and information on how to order free tapes. Alumni also receive a yearly letter that contains information about the firm, success tips, and offers of free materials.

You get all of the above extra benefits for about what other firms charge for basic services only. To us, this constitutes the very best value in the country for bankruptcy representation. Again, we hope that this relationship is for life.

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