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Bankruptcy Info Worksheet

When considering whether to file bankruptcy, or before you sit down with an attorney, you will need to gather the information which this worksheet requests. Having your information in this format will help you analyze your financial condition and, if you decide bankruptcy is the right answer for you, will assist your attorney in preparing your Bankruptcy Petition and Schedules.

Click Here to download the Bankruptcy Info Worksheet

Cash Flow Worksheet

The decision to file bankruptcy, and which type to file, is a personal one and should only be made after consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. We have found that one of the first areas to analyze is a person’s monthly cash flow. If a person is spending more than they make each month, this is a warning sign that some type of corrective action must be taken. This means that a person has “negative” cash flow. Negative cash flow, sometimes for only a few months, can cause financial ruin. Something needs to be done to correct the situation at once. Quite simply, expenses must decrease or income must increase.

These forms will help you understand your average monthly cash flow. No two months are alike. However, writing down your average income and expenses will usually give you a good starting point in coming to understand your financial condition.

Click Here to download the Cash Flow Worksheet

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