Client Testimonials

Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

David Hagen

“David’s clam voice kept me going through a very difficult time in my life. Because of his guidance, things are now going extremely well for me. Thank you.”


“Process was made so simple by David Hagen and his staff! Quick responses to questions and Phone calls. Very efficient and professional service!”


“I would refer David Hagen to my best friends if they were in financial trouble. I wish I had met him before. He teaches you to be very organized in the process, and after the bankruptcy is over he makes you learn never to get in trouble again.I wish all the lawyers were like him, the world would be a better one.”


“We first met with Mr. Hagen the second week of June, 2013 to discuss our situation. From the outset he was understanding, LISTENED, asked pertinent questions and actually seemed interested in our situation. After talking with Mr. Hagen and discussing the options with my wife, I decided to file Chapter 7, which was filed on June 20, 2013 and discharged on October 1, 2013.At all times Mr. Hagen was professional, courteous and kind and he did not make us feel like dolts as has happened in the past with other attorneys. His staff was also very courteous and knowledgeable in their duties and answered all my questions without hesitation,

It would be my honor to recommend Mr. Hagen to anyone considering filing. Bankruptcy.”



“I filed bankruptcy with Mr. Hagen and it went very smoothly and was successful. I did my homework regarding bankruptcy prior to seeing him and saw another lawyer as well. The reason why I chose him is because he was a former bankruptcy Trustee and felt that may give an added advantage. Before seeing any bankruptcy attorney I think one should educate themselves regarding the process. Make sure you know what services are being covered with the retainer that is paid. To be honest certain services that Mr. Hagen was offering was an extra charge while this was included for other attorneys. I just want the customer to be aware so you may make an informed decision. Not taking anything away from Mr. Hagen. He is very professional, attentive, and knowledgeable and I would choose for him to represent me again.”

A Chapter 7 Client

“We came to David Hagen for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. As this is not the best time in someone’s life, David was incredible. He put us at ease with his manner and humor, but those were backed up by his knowledge and years of experience. He and his office were super-efficient, professional, kept their promises, and our bankruptcy went smoothly and was approved. David and his staff did this all with ease and charm.In the year since, we’ve had to contact David’s office several times for some advice, and some duplicate paperwork we wanted. All was done for us quickly and courteously; no questions asked.

I definitely recommend David Hagen to be the attorney for your needs. Great guy.”


“David proved over and over again to be genuinely interested in the personal wellbeing of my father-in-law. He was able to assist us in making the best decision regarding the options that were available to him. A Bankruptcy/Chapter 7 was determined to be his best course of action. David was extremely helpful, thorough, professional and compassionate. It was the best decision we could have ever made in using him for our legal needs. He has continued to assist us even after the discharge was awarded. I highly recommend him!”


“David Hagen and his assistant Laurie were very professional , helpful , courteous, prompt and very thorough. My wife and I were extremely happy with their services. I would highly recommend their law firm.”

A Bankruptcy Client

“The staff was always extremely helpful and patient with this old man. David was very understanding of my situation. He gave me an extensive education in the bankruptcy field, answered all my questions and eased any concerns I had about the whole procedure. Because of the excellent paperwork that was submitted to the trustee, he had very few questions and the whole process took about five minutes and that was it. I highly recommend David and his right hand assistant Laurie if you are contemplating bankruptcy.”


“I had to go thru a bankruptcy 6 years ago and David and his staff took very good care of me. Not only did they take care of things then, I just called them in need of some information from my bankruptcy, again 6 years ago, and David got on the phone and took care of it right away. I highly recommend them!”

Michael C.

“I am a former client. I found this firm to have the most professional and compassionate attorneys. They make the process of whatever your financial situation may be less stressful and you know you are in good hands. I would highly recommend them.”

Laurie B.

“Our special thanks and gratitude to Attorney David Hagen for all his support in our difficult times. A special thank you note also to Laurie.”

J.C. – Woodland Hills

“David was great to work with. He answered all my questions. The paperwork was done very quickly and very easily read and understood. Clear computer copies of the documents were great. You guys are great. When I first came to the office I was broke, terrified, in debt, and had just been sued by a creditor. You helped turn a negative situation into a very positive one. I very much appreciate it and will recommend you very highly to all. Thanks so much.”

J.W. – Northridge

“David explained our options very well…David’s strategy for protecting our assets was invaluable. The attorney did a good job in preparing us for what followed at the court hearing. Everything was handled extremely well. Many thanks David for giving me and my wife a fresh start.”

E.F. – Oak Park

“David was very low-key and I was immediately comfortable with him. Your firm was the fourth and last firm I interviewed. All of the others seemed like bankruptcy mills, take your money as fast as possible, cold and aloof. Your tapes and booklet were also very help and none of the others had that.”

P.R. – West Hills

“David took his time to explain everything to us. It is nice to see someone enjoying their job. David Hagen is a very nice person, and you can feel he enjoys what he is doing. I would recommend my friends to you anytime.”

K.T. – Westlake Village

“I enjoy Dave’s sharing of information on the bankruptcy procedures.”

J.T. – Calabasas

“Mr. Hagen was very helpful and kind…And to think I found you randomly on the Internet!”

G.L. – San Diego

“Dave, you have a great team. My rating of your staff is 10+, A+. Thanks Dave.”

R.K. – Santa Clarita

“David Hagen was not only a professional, he was empathetic and kind as well. David’s assistants were always there to be helpful, attentive, and also kind. As the attorney who represented us, the court was ‘on the ball’…Your company made my life so much easier. I appreciate all efforts from each person on your team. Thank you all.”

T.J. – Calabasas

“David, you’re a lifesaver!”

B.P. – Newbury Park

“David was extremely helpful, and knowledgeable.”

P.D. – Palmdale

“Thank David for his work and professional staff.”

D.P. – Los Angeles

“Mr. Hagen led us through the process without any difficulties. The entire staff and attorneys helped my wife and I through a very difficult time, easing the apprehension and anxiety.”

J.H. – Van Nuys

“David Hagen is very professional and kind. We were very informed.”

B.D. – Simi Valley

Mark M. Sharf

“I needed some help with a patient of mine who filed bankruptcy and had a very large bill with my office. Mark spent 30 minutes with me on the phone and was extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend him without hesitation. Dr. Seth Goldstein”

Seth G.

“He handled my bankruptcy. I was nervous at first, but Mark was very informative as to what I should expect. His rates were fair and I felt secure having him handle this. No one wants to declare bankruptcy, but it’s nice to know attorneys like Mark are there to help.”


“My former husband filed for bankruptcy nearly 18 months after I moved out of our home and filed for divorce. There had been a transfer of stock into my name that was made well before I left the home….nearly 13 months prior; however, Amy Goldman went after MY assets that had not been originally disclosed in my former husband’s declaration.

I would have lots nearly $100,000 and not been able to finish my divorce decree in a satisfactory manner as I had huge attorney’s bills from my divorce attorney and needed these funds to pay it with. Mark Sharf wrote the best piece I have ever read stating all the reasons why MY property, was in fact, mine. We won the first time in! He did a great job. He is a perfectionist and extremely knowledgeable as well as being extremely bright. Most of all, I deeply appreciated his willingness to share his thoughts on each moment and allow me the opportunity to always state me feelings or opinions on how he felt we should proceed.

He was a good listener and a fabulous advocate. I only wish he had specialized in divorce instead of bankruptcy. I’m sure I would have saved tons. I highly recommend Mark Sharf to anyone who needs an outstanding bankruptcy attorney.”

Anne W.


“You are all extremely gracious, respectful, and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thank you for all your help and endless patience.”

R.P. – Woodland Hills

“And I want to thank you for doing my bankruptcy for me to start over and new. I am going to school in January and have a savings account with $700.00 saved Thank you.”

L.B.- Simi Valley

“The tape really helped. It helped me realize that I wasn’t a ‘bad person,’ just someone who had mismanaged my money.”

J.M. – Saugus

“The attorney in court was very nice and made us feel at ease.”

D.G. – Sierra Madre

“Please congratulate your operator at the front desk. Even she showed us professional and pleasant service.”

T.J. – Van Nuys

“The enclosed questionnaire … does not, however, begin to express our appreciation and gratitude for your support and involvement in our financial ordeal. This includes, but is not limited to, our first encounter in July last year where you provided us with very detailed advice on how to proceed. This free of charge, unselfish consultation (was done) without any commitment or obligation on our part. Next, the preparing for filing, with endless proof readings and refinements. Finally, at the hearing, … we were instructed in great (depth) of what to expect and then were put at ease by the very able attorney who was with us at the hearing. For all of the above reasons, please accept our thank you.”

K.P. – Canoga Park

“I never had legal problems before, but won’t hesitate to contact your firm if I need any legal services at a future date.”

D.H. – Los Angeles

“Everyone at your firm was helpful and courteous. Our attorney was always patient with us and was completely knowledgeable with the bankruptcy procedure.”

M.H. – West Hills

“Thank you for your excellent service.”

M.D. – Los Angeles

“I would like to add that under the pressure of making this decision, I feel I was well advised and felt I made the best choice to solve my financial dilemma. Thanks for your understanding and your confidence and assurance that I would prevail.”

A.R. – Granada Hills

“Thank for ‘lowering my blood pressure’”

C.P. – Sherman Oaks

“Although you handle these matters on a daily basis, you still mange to make the client feel like an individual and not like part of a mill. Professionals like you and your staff make a difference.”

R.M. – Pasadena

“Your staff and associates made a painful situation very palatable.”

D.W. – Van Nuys

“Laurie, with whom we worked mostly, was always kind, courteous, and a ready smile, even over the phone.”

R.S. – Lancaster

“Mr. Hagen was very informative and put us at ease in a very difficult situation. Laurie was absolutely fantastic for us. She is extremely knowledgeable, never too busy to help, and always very kind and patient. She is truly a key employee. A special thanks to her.”

A.B. – Los Angeles

“Keep up the office’s good work!”

M.B. – Encino

“I was very satisfied with your firm. You were great. Very professional and organized…Can I come and work for your firm?”

C.R. – Van Nuys

“I would like to thank everyone in the office that I was in contact with for being very understanding through a very difficult time for me.”

C.Q. – Calabasas

“Every question I had was answered, and rapidly! The paperwork was done when estimated. The paperwork contained question marks, which made it very helpful in answering court questions. Keep providing your service and you will see referrals, and new customers for years to come!”

S.H – Panorama City

“Stay as good as you are.”

D.A. – Van Nuys

“Very professional. I felt I could receive personal attention as the situation might arise.”

S.W. – Encino

“You get my highest recommendations…I was impressed with Larry in his knowledge, professionalism, and his friendly, and courteous manner. I also appreciate Larry’s patience with me and handling all of my questions. Thanks again.”

P.S. – Los Angeles

“Nothing could have gone smoother.”

S.R. – Woodland Hills

“The attorney was Xlnt.”

C.L. – West Hills

“I appreciate your thoroughness in explaining the bankruptcy procedures and the resulting ease of my fears and nervousness about it all. Thank you.”

G.P. – Van Nuys

“Thank you and your staff very much.”

D.D. – Los Angeles

“Thank you for making me feel comfortable with a hard decision.”

L.K. – Woodland Hills

“The attorney was very reassuring and calming…Thank you for doing a good job – the entire staff.”

J.B. – Simi Valley

“Thank you all. I feel as if I got a second chance.”

D.S. – Encino

“I gave three friends your card and they said they were going to call. For their sake, I hope they did…Thank you very much. Bankruptcy can be very scary, but it felt good with the help of your staff.”

D.H. – Sherman Oaks

“We truly appreciate the detail and honesty that was presented to us in regards to preparation of closure of this uncomfortable situation. Thank you.”

D.W. – Woodland Hills

“I would absolutely refer to my friends!”

K.L. – West Hills

“I wouldn’t make any recommendations for improvements. It couldn’t have been better from start to finish. You’re A-1…Thank you for all you have done for me in my bankruptcy. It could not have proceeded any better if it had not been for you.”

M.N. – Woodland Hills

“Thank you and the entire staff at Merritt & Hagen. You all (made) this experience a painless one.”

S.A. – Palmdale

“Thank you so much for your help. You made everything go smoothly. We appreciate your efforts.”

T.M. – Westlake Village

“A most difficult time in my life was made easier by your firm, and I am thankful to you all.”

R.B. – Santa Clarita

Disclaimer: These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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