The Bankruptcy Test:
Are Your Finances A Ticking Time Bomb?

Answer the following questions:

Have you or your spouse have recently been laid off or lost your job?

Have you recently been through a dissolution or expect to go through one soon?

Do you spend more than 33% of your take-home pay on housing?

Do you spend more than 25% of your take-home pay on your total transportation needs (Car payment, car insurance, repairs and gas)?

Have you had more than one cash advance greater than $500 in the last few months?

Do you owe more than 2 months' salary on your credit cards?

Are you borrowing to meet regular expenses, such as food and utility bills?

Can you barely make the minimum required payment on bills?

Are you using one form of credit, such as a line of credit or debt-consolidation loan, to make payments on other debt?

Are you using 25% or more of your take-home income to pay credit card bills and personal loans (excluding mortgage payments)?

Are your revolving credit cards charged to the limit?

Have you bounced more than one check in the past year?

Do you have no cash reserve?

Are you so far behind on credit payments that collection agencies are after you?

Are your financial problems affecting your health or family relationships?

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